Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Celeb Style

Celebs were out an about today for Halloween....With some interesting costume choices
Bootilicious beauty Kim Kardashian looks super cute in her Wonder Woman Costume

Katy Perry channelled John Lennon for her Halloween costume

Nick Cannon Chose to be the Milk to Mariah's Cookies ;)
They later changed into matching Firefighter gear

Fashion Miss

Usually a fashion hit, Singer Rihanna dropped the ball on this one...She kicked off her tour with Chris Brown wearing this scantily clad outfit, which looks like something Rihanna bought at a Cher garage sell....

Rihanna girl Cher was doing this before you were born youngin LOL

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes!

As we all know Halloween is tomorrow and Im sure you gals are going to be hitting up some parties this weekend, So the Vogue Society is hooking you up with some costume ideas that you can find in your favorite stores or in your own home.....
I love how the eighties just always comes back. It’s my favorite era. And every time it comes back, the fashion gets crazier. I can appreciate the bright colors and the crazy creative styles..."Push It" by Salt n Pepper has to be one of my favorite songs and videos ever, the outfits the hair the dancing..I love it all...Salt n Pepper are definitely hip hop royalty and were big trendsetters in their day.........For an 80s look a la Salt n Pepper try this....
A shiny jacket like this one from American Apparel (Unisex Shiny Jacket) Stretch Pants

or a one piece like this from American Apparel
A bright Red Lip of course

Thigh high flat boots in any color
Cant forget the Bamboos like the ones Meagan Good is wearing in this pic, You can find these for as little as a dollar at your local beauty supply store!
Rope Chain a must....

For this look try......
Not quite a leather but still funky I love the texture of this jacket its from American Apparel
Your Bamboos like these, Hillary Duff loves them!
Rebooks or 54/11s...these sneakers always seem to come back, which is why I have a pair stashed in the back of my closet :)

Madonna is one of my favorite artist, I love how she keeps reinventing herself this was one of most remembered looks....

For the costume, you can combine aspects of her look from the Lucky Star era with that of her Like a Virgin period. Use images from her albums and videos as inspiration. You can start with the elements listed below:

- Big Ribbon Tied into bow on top of head
- Heavy eye makeup
- Wavy, wild hair (or wig as shown below)
- Lace, fingerless gloves (available below)
- LOTS of bracelets
- Dangly earrings (hearts & crosses were faves of hers)
- Bustier type top (black tank could also work)
- Skirt
- Leggings
- Black ankle boots
Ray Bans a staple!

Lace gloves so Madonna

Hills Star Audrina was inspired by Madonna's "Like a Virgin" get up for her Halloween costume last year
For the Madonna look for this era try a colorful body suit or the shiny ones seen here, then throw on some leg warmers and stilettos and your good to go...

Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty, I just love her style.....
For this look try

A Black knee length dress, Long gloves in black or white like the ones you can find in a prom store, A Tiara or a big floppy hat, Oval shaped dark sunglasses, A pearl necklace and pearl earrings.....

For the Fellas 80's Hip Hop a la LL Cool J/Run DMC

• Clothes: Try
- Nylon track suits or
- Cotton Sweat pants and a sweatshirt
• Shoes:
- Adidas, Pumas, or Filas
• Hat:
- Kangol (like a beret) or any bucket cap
• Accessories:
- Wrist bands / head (sweat) bands
- Robot sunglasses or thick framed eyeglasses think Kanye West or DMC
• Props:
- Boombox

Now your good to go HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!