Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Vogue Society Spotlight: Andy Warhol

We are very excited to have Andy Warhol in our Spotlight for December. We have mentioned him several times and had his very stylish muse Edie Sedgwick in our spotlight last month. Andy Warhol started the Pop-Art movement in the 1960's and is famous for art works such as the paintings he did of the Campbell Soup cans and made up the concept of 15 mins of fame(which he said in the future everyone will have,how true is that today!). He took everyday objects,celebrities and anything else he loved, painted them into colorful pieces of art and made them iconic.

Andy Warhol was also famous for is film productions like Vinly, Sleep,Poor Little Rich Girl(starring Edie Sedgwick) and his most famous film production Chelsea Girls(1966) which was about the lives of several women who lived there and starred some of Warhols "superstars" Nico, Brigid Berlin, Gerard Malanga, Ingrid Superstar, International Velvet and Eric Emerson.

Andy did all, if not most of his famous works in his studio known as The Factory, the first one was located on 1342 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, his most famous factory that he used for most of the 60's was located on 231 East 47th street. The Factory was place where artist of all kinds would meet to work,party, have sex and get high. Regulars at the factory included Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Edie Sedgwick,Betsy Johnson,The Velvet Underground and many many more.

Andy Warhol Died in 1987 at age 58. He is known today as the Pope of Pop and his movement still moves on today.

There is a Memorial museum for Warhol in Pittsburg,Pa you can go to for more info.


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