Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tribute to Old Hollywood Glamour

These are some of the fabulous women that paved the way for triple threats we see today. They were multi talented , glamourous, beautiful, adored world wide and achieved icon status. 

Eartha Kitt-  (1927-2008) Emmy Winning Actress/Singer/Cabaret Star
*Eartha Kitt played Catwoman in the Batman television series

Joan Crawford (1905-1977) Academy award Winning Actress
*Named one of the greatest Actresses of all time by the American Film Institute

Bette Davis (April 5, 1908- October 6, 1989) Academy Award Winning Actress
*Bette was the first woman to be nominated for 10 Oscars/Had an ongoing feud with Joan Crawford

Bette Davis with Joan Crawford in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?'

Ginger Rogers (July 16, 1911-April 25, 1995) Academy Award Winning Actress/Singer/Dancer
*She made 73 films throughout career

Greta Garbo (Sept 18, 1905-April 15th 1990) Film Actress
*Named the 5th greatest Actress by the American Film Academy

Lena Horne (June 30, 1930- Actress/Singer/Dancer
*Lena was a dancer on the Chorus Line at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem 

Lana Turner (Feb 8, 1921-June 29, 1995) Film & TV Actress
*Lana was married seven times !

Jean Harlow ( March 3rd 1911-June 7th, 1937) Known as "The Original Blonde Bombshell"
*Harlow was considered to be the biggest sex symbol of the 1930's

Grace Kelly (Nov 12, 1929-Sept 14, 1982) Academy Award winning Actress/Fashion Icon
*Kelly became a Princess after marrying the Prince of Monaco in 1956

Ava Gardner (Dec 24, 1922-Jan 25 1990) Academy Award nominated Actress
*Ava was married to Frank Sinatra

Rita Hayworth (Oct 17, 1918-May 14, 1987) Actress/Dancer
Rita hails from Brooklyn, New York!!!

Dorothy Dandridge (Nov 9, 1922- Sept 8, 1965) Academy Award Nominated Actress/Singer/Dancer
*Dorothy was the first Black Actress to be nominated for an Oscar (Best Actress)

Marilyn Monroe (June 1st, 1926-Aug 5, 1962) Golden Globe Winning Actress/Model/Icon
*Marilyn won a Golden Globe for her role in the film "Some Like It Hot"


x said...

these old photographs are beautiful

Parisfields said...

These pictures are gorgeous...I love Ava Gardner

Anonymous said...

What a great post!!! Joan is my all time fav!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely, but theres only one pic of Audrey Hepburn and she doesnt have a heading of her own

Anonymous said...

It's great to see how nice women looked before plastic surgery and pounds of makeup. So hard to find women these days who look naturally beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I adore watching classic movies. My idols are bette davis, katharine hepburn, judy garland, liz taylor and audrey hepburn. Katharine Hepburn is the greatest actress of all time and you did not include her in your tribute.Neither did u include audrey or elizabeth. Audrey is the 3rd greatest actress and you left her out as well as liz taylor. How dare u! u bitch. u fucking bitch! u know shit about classic movies if u dont include audrey or judy garland from the wizard of oz and elizabeth. whats even more outragous is that u didnt inlcude katharine hepburn. She won 4 oscars! ur soooooooo stupid bitch. i am deeply disappointed and upset.

Anonymous said...

these pictures do not, as you say, represent a time before women were drastically altered by plastic surgery and plastered with makeup. look up a picture of norma jeane mortensen sometime and compare her nose to "marylin"'s. and rhinoplasty was far from the only procedure Marilyn had to endure before Hollywood execs saw fit to launch her to superstardom. fucked up.

Uma Maheswar Nakka said...

Dear Anonymus
Good Evening

I just want to say that even Olivia De Havilland, Sophia Loren, Haya Harareet, Shirley Mc Lean, Julie Andrews and list goes on more are missing.

For anyone some times it is not possible to include all the good stars in one blog.

I feel just because of that it is not necessary to criticise and abuse someone who is doing a good job in foul and unparlimentary language like this.

Please spread Love not Hate.
I would be happy if you don't reply to me in the same foul language to my comments.

Even if you do so, for I do not mind.

My apologies to the Author of this post for reeiving negative emails.

I love the snaps and the post.
Good Luck
Blessings to all