Friday, March 20, 2009

West Side Story Revisited

In honor of the cult classic movie "West Side Story" coming to Broadway. Vanity Fair magazine has recreated infamous scenes from the movie with the help of Latina Singer/Dancer/Actress Jennifer Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez as Anita originally played by Rita Morena

The Dress Shop
Bernardo (Rodrigo Santoro), is focused on his girlfriend, Anita (Jennifer Lopez), whose far-off gaze suggests she dreams of moving beyond the confines of the seamstress's life. Bernardo's little sister-the
heroine of the film's Romeo-and-Juliet drama-is Maria, here brought back to life by Camilla Belle.

The Dance, where Tony (Ben Barnes) and Maria (Camilla Belle) first meet

The Rooftop 
Before West Side Story takes its tragic turn, Anita (Jennifer Lopez, amazing in purple) drives the film's most fabulous, energy charged scene: the rocking rooftop song-and-dance sequence set to "America."

Loving the movement in this photo

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