Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Ballroom Scene

The Vogue Society loves the fabulous art form that is called "Voguing".......
Vogue or "Voguing" is a highly stylized modern dance characterized by photo model-like poses integrated with angular, linear and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. A dance form popular in the 1970s and 80s.

Voguing began in the Harlem gay scene as a non-aggressive battle between two feuding individuals- who chose to use dance instead of violence to settle differences. Voguing often imitated the perfect lines and flexibility of model poses seen in fashion magazines such as Elle and Voguen of the which the dance got its name. No touching was allowed during vogue challenges, even though dancers would often become intertwined in each others extended arms, legs and hand moves. The voguer with the best dance moves was declared the winner of the battle. There were different styles of the vogue, including pantomimes or moves imitating the challenger.

Though voguing originated in the Harlem ball scene, it entered mainstream homes with Madonna's hit single "Vogue". Voguing later evolved into popular fundraising shows and individual dance styles. Today, most houses use a type of dance called the j. sette to challenge each other.

Choreographer, dance and runway teacher Willi Ninja was considered one of the best voguers of all time.

This is an excellent film that documents the "golden age" of the ballroom scene, late 80s early 90's in New York City
Paris is Burning

Highly recommend this!

Shouts out to all the Voguing Divas and Runway Kids!

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Klara said...

I love this post. Voguing is based on style and class. An inspiring culture. I dance house.