Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the CITY.

Whitney(the best name on earth,he he) Port, originally part of Lauren Conrad's posse from the hill's premiered her show the CITY last night on MTV(of course). We were introduced to her chic cast, including her current boy toy Jay(who by the way reminds us a lot of Justin Bobby) and her other male "companion" Alex, which gives us our boy drama fix we need from these reality shows. Her roomie Erin,gal pal Samantha, her somewhat snobbish co-worker Olivia(which her and Samantha both see the some guy,ouch!) and Whitney's previous boss Kelly Cutrone made a cameo.

What did you think about it?Which cast member do you love the most/absolutely can't stand!? Who's side are you on: Jay's or Alex's.What do you think about the whole downtown, uptown thing? And What kind of shoes was Whitney wearing on her date with Jay(they were to-die-for!)?

*all photo's were taken from MTV.COM

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