Sunday, December 21, 2008

Get Minxed!

What is the newest revolution in the nail design world? Minx nails.....Minx Nails are the latest trend in celebrity nails and soon to big a big hit with Nailistas (made that up:)) everywhere. Minx nails are popping up on everyone from Entertainers to fashion models.

Heres how the process goes.....A flexible polymer is heated then applied to nails, like a sticker, then dried...they are a mess free, and wont chip like nail polish because its made of foil, Kinda pricey ($40) but nonetheless very hip and definitely worth a try....

Singer Beyonce Knowles is a big fan

Here are some of the many designs they have....

Very Kewl

You can also make custom designs that feature your favorite photo, or patterns

and Just In Time For the Holidays....

Cute :)

To find out where Minx is being carried in your area, or which nail salons are offering it please visit:

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Anonymous said...

This is so hot, I like tha candy cane pattern