Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Whitney's Wishlist:

This Adorable Freddy & Ma 'Nina' Bag.

Nikon CoolPix S60

This Juicy Couture Makeup case.

Wallpaper you can color (Jon Burgerman)

These Chanel halftint sunglasses(These have been on my wishlist forver)

Edie: Girl On Fire(book)

A disco ball(so I can turn the lights of in my room blast my music and dance around)

Fashion Rules Board Game(Lauren Rathum)

A paint canvas

I love this headband by Aubrey O'day's line heart on my sleeve

And if you want to spend 5 million on me Then this Victoria's Secret Black Diamond Fantasy Bra

Monique's List
A Cheetah Printed Cardigan

House of Harlow (by Nicole Richie)Gold and Leather ring

As seen on Ms. Richie herself here

This fabulous Michael Kors Pearl & Gold watch ive been talking about for like ever- Got this one!

Pearl Earrings

Juicy Couture Lipgloss Ring sooo cute, even after the lipgloss is finished you can still rock it!

Okay it gets kinda random from here, This is the infamous Hamburger phone from the movie Juno! After watching the movie a billion times I fell in love with it and decided I had to get it :)

Harajuku Girls Perfume, they smell great and they come in cute bottles...Im a sucker for cutesy packaging ;)

The Blackberry Storm..I think this is on everyones list this year

Influence by my favorite twins Mary Kate and Ashley, Havent read it yet but heard really good reviews about it

Randomness, I loved to Skate as a kid and I still do today, These are so retro...reminds me of "Grease"

And The Sex and The City Movie DVD.....A Must Have!

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